What Are You Storing With Us?

If you’re thinking of storing musical instruments, wooden furniture, antiques, or any other environment-sensitive items, you should invest in a climate-controlled solution.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Things Are Safe in Climate-Controlled Storage

You’ll get peace of mind when your valuable items are stored with the professionals who care the most about keeping your things safe. Trust our secure, lighted, fenced and alarmed facility to provide the temperature and environment your valuables require.

Work with our friendly staff to determine what size of unit will work best for you and let us care of your items!

Indoor climate-controlled storage units


Don’t let the North Carolina sun ruin your items.
fight humited with climate-controlled storage


Protect musical instruments, furniture and more.
open up space at home


Gain more use of your home by storing items.
WNC Eagle in Hendersonville's Marqee Sign


Our helpful staff makes it easy to find the right unit.
secure record storage options


You can trust us with your business and personal records.
simplify the moving process in Hendersonville


Just rely on our extensive moving supplies.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage units help to eliminate issues related to outside temperatures thanks to an air system (HVAC) that triggers when temperatures get unpleasant. In other words the temperature goes outside of roughly 50 degrees to 80 degrees farenheit. The idea is to regulate the temperature in the building as best as we can. It really takes some of the edge off, and it’s the best option for your items being stored with us. It’s an ideal solution for storing important items like musical instruments or important records and documents.

WNC Eagle Self Storage has been offering indoor storage units in Hendersonville and Flat Rock for over a decade. Our commitment to the climate-controlled secure storage of your possessions remains unwaivering.

Storage Should Be Easy

Whether you're moving, remodeling, or just need more space, our team is dedicated to providing simple, effective storage solutions to our clients in Western North Carolina. Choose us today!